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Fluidized Calcium Reactors

By Deltec

Fluidized Calcium Reactors

New 4th generation PF509 / PF501 /PF601/ PF601S / PF1001 Calcium Reactors.

The correct calcium content is a vital requirement in keeping and growing corals successfully in a marine aquarium.

Calcium reactors are a simple approach to the addition of calcium in a marine aquarium and work by adding CO2 to lower the pH of the water to a level where it will dissolve the calcium carbonate media that is in the main body of the reactor.

This gives off calcium ions and carbonate ions but also releases many other elements that are bound up in the media.

The Rowalith C+ media that is manufactured for use within these reactors is mined from prehistoric coral beds and therefore contains all of the trace elements in the correct proportions that make up the coral skeleton.

When using a calcium reactor it is usual to find that the pH in your aquarium will run at a level perhaps 0.2 lower than without the reactor due to the influence of the CO2 additions.

This is not a problem and we find that too many people get carried away with trying to achieve a pH of 8.2-8.4 which is generally only achievable long term by kalkwasser additions.

Calcium reactors have a trend towards increasing dKh where as kalkwasser additions tend to lower the dKh long term.

Deltec Fluidized Bed Calcium Reactors
Deltec Calcium Reactors like many of Deltec's products are different from the normal items available on the marketplace.

With conventional non fluidised calcium reactors, as the media dissolves and breaks down, the fine particles are left to choke up the reactor and the water finds its own easiest route through. This results in tracking or channeling, where the contact area with the water ends up being very small leading to a rapid drop off in efficiency.

With the Deltec fluidised reactors the media is kept constantly moving so that it is impossible for tracking to occur and the whole of the media is utilised. Additionally the smaller grain size gives a much greater surface area for reaction with the water and any fine particles are either dissolved or flushed out of the reactor.

Most non fluidised calcium reactors can not achieve more than 35-45 dKh.

Through fluidisation Deltec Reactors can achieve a dKh in excess of 80 which corresponds to a significantly higher calcium level.

Unlike conventional reactors which require regular cleaning out, the Deltec models if used correctly should only require topping up with media.

The Deltec Fluidized Calcium Reactor consists of:

  • A cylindrical transparent container
  • Circulation Pump
  • Bubble Counter
  • Optional Solenoid Valve
  • Non Return Valve
  • Provision for pH electrode
  • Micro Filter

We recommend that the calcium level within the aquarium should be kept between 420-450mg/ltr. With the Deltec Fluidized Calcium Reactor it is possible to adjust and control the calcium content in a simple manner.

Does not include Solenoid to be ordered seperately. Click here.
To achieve quoted capacities the use of Rowalith C+ 2mm media is recommended.

RRP: £ 311.99
Our Price:  £ 299.99
Delivery: 7-14 days
Fluidized Calcium Reactors PF509
For aquaria upto 100 gallons. L. 180mm. H. 500 mm W. 140 mm. Use with C02 Set.