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Hobby Fish retail aquatic store between Milton Keynes, Northampton & Buckingham

Online orders are despatched from multiple sites. Online stocks do not reflect stocks held at our Milton Keynes store. Please call
01908 543210
to confirm instore stocks before travelling.

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Hobby Fish - Your first choice for pond pumps.

Hobby Fish always strives to bring you the best quality pond pumps, pond pump service and pond pump information. We stock large quantities of Oase pond pumps, Hozelock pond pumps, Pond One pond pumps, Evolution Aqua pond pumps, Sequence pond pumps, SuperFish pond pumps and Bermuda Bellagio pond pump.

Pond pumps are available from Hobby Fish in a variety of sizes and styles to create your perfect water feature. From fountain pond pumps to waterfall pond pumps and stream pond pumps, from water feature pumps and pebble pool pumps to statuette pumps and pond statue pond pumps, from goldfish pond pumps and combi filter/uv pond pumps to koi filter pond pumps, from traditional under water pond pumps to dry mounted pond pumps, you are sure to find the pond pump that best fits your pond pump requirements from Hobby Fish. In addition to these pond pumps Hobby Fish also stock Flood pumps or Sump pumps as well as Water butt pumps or garden watering pumps both of the underwater pump variety and dry mounted pump style.

Pond pumps by type and their pond pump features.

Filter and Waterfall Pond pumps.

Pond filter pumps are designed to move water from the pond into a garden pond filter via flexible pond hose or occasionally rigid solvent pipe. The filter pond pump outer case usually has a large surface are with larger gaps to enable the pond water containing solid waste to pass with out clogging and into the pond filter. It is for this reason these types of pond pumps do not have a foam or other strainer within the pond pump casing like older pond pumps.An added advantage of this type of pond pump is that your fish are kept safe from the suction of the pond pump. Pond pumps of this type are available from Oase ( Aquamax start 2000 pond pump, Aquamax Eco pond pumps, Aquamax Eco Premium pond pumps, Aquamax Twin pond pumps, Aquamax Expert pond pumps), Hozelock (Aquaforce pond pumps, the new and better replacement for the Titan Pond pumps), Pond one Sting Ray pond pumps.

Fountain Pond Pumps

Fountain pond pumps are designed to provide a fountain head with sufficient water and pressure to give a decorative display. Most pond fountain pumps come with several choices of fountain heads, a telescopic extension or riser for deeper water (extensions / risers for even deeper ponds are available). Some larger fountain pond pumps also come with a T piece and controller so that a small pond statue, pond ornament or even waterfall can be run on the side of the pond. This type of fountain pond pump is available from Oase (Aquarius Pond pump) and Hozelock (Cascade Pond pump, Fountain and Waterfall pond Pump 3500. This 3500 pond pump is only available in store. However it is still at our low low prices for pond pumps.) See also the Hozelock Ecoclear pond pumps under combined “ Filter / UV pond pumps” which combine The Hozelock Fountain Heads with a Filter, UV, and pond pump in one. We also have a floating fountain pond pump from Bermuda called the Bellagio which has a changing fountain display and changing light patterns. Solar Fountain Pond pumps are also available from Bermuda and can be fun when the sun shines.

Combined Filter / UV pond pumps

These combined filter /UV pond pumps are the ideal pond pumps for small ponds such as wildlife or nature ponds or ponds with a few small goldfish. The Hozelock Easyclear pond pumps come with a choice of fountain heads, a uv, biological and mechanical filter and of course pond pump all in one package. The two larger Hozelock Easyclear pond pumps come also with an adapter to run a waterfall for instance. Hobby Fish also stock Oase Filtral combined in pool filter / pond pumps which come with a uv, biological and mechanical filter and of course pond pump. If you want to run a pond fountain from the Oase Filtral combined filter pond pumps then a fountain accessory kit is available for your Oase Filtral pond pump or any other Fountain pond pump for that matter.

External Pond pumps / dry mounted pond pumps

External Pond pumps or dry mounted pond pumps can be placed to the side of the pond, maybe in a chamber but below the water level mark so that they remain primed. The Sequence pond pumps can further be placed above water level using the filter basket accessory available. Hobby Fish stock both the Sequence Pond Pumps from Evolution Aqua and the Aquamax Dry pond pumps from Oase.

Water Feature pumps / Statuary pumps

Water Feature pumps or Statuary pumps are as the name suggests suitable for self contained water features from indoor water features to small pebble pools to Large Multi-tier Fountain Statues. The Oase Aquarius Universal pumps range in size from 440 to 12000 l/h. The Hozelock cascades are often used in small applications like pebble pools as well.

Flood pumps / sump pumps

Hobby Fish stock the Hozelock Flood pump. It has proved very popular over the last few years. Lay flat tubing / pipework is available for us with the Flood pump.

Does your pond or water feature need a pond pump?

Pond pumps are an essential part of any water feature in the garden so it is important to choose the correct pump. Think about the type of pond it is, it size and the inhabitants that the pond will be home to. Ponds with fish or other aquatic creatures should have a pond filter and the correct pond pump should be chosen to operate the pond filter. Ponds with only plants and /or pebbles should still have a pond pump for circulation or oxygenation to stop stagnation.

Can I use a Sump Pump in my pond?

Sump Pumps have been used by some in the past but it is ill advised to choose this type of pump over a pond pump. Sump pumps are dangerous to wild life and fish which get sucked in and they are normally far more expensive to run in any case. It normally only takes a year or two for a good quality pond pump to pay for itself with their much lower running costs.

Don’t know which pond pump you need?

No problem! Just contact us at shop@hobbyfish.net or give us a call on 01908 543210 and any one one of our trained pond pump advisers will be able to help in you choice of pond pump.

You’ve found a cheaper pond pump price on another site that sells pond pumps?

No problem! Just contact us at shop@hobbyfish.net or give us a call on 01908 543210 and a sales adviser will be happy to try and match or beat the pond pump price you have found. Just let us know which site you found the pond pump price on so we can check the pond pump price and that the pond pump is available.

Get your perfect pond pump from Hobby Fish

With over 40 years experience selling pond pumps, installing pond pumps, servicing pond pumps and advising on design of pond pumps and pond systems we at Hobby Fish have an unrivalled knowledge of pond pumps and pond supplies.

Pond pump spares.

We have an unrivalled level of spares for Oase pond pumps and Hozelock pond pumps. We are also able to supply all spares available for SuperFish pond pumps, Pond one pond pumps, Evolution Aqua pond pumps and Sequence pond pumps. In addition we have a large number of older pond pump spares, hard to get pond pump spares, otherwise unavailable pond pump spares or maufactures discontinued pond pump spares such as for Rena pond pumps, Sicce pond pumps, Winds pond pumps and Project pond pumps, older Oase pond pumps and older Hozelock pond pumps. Please contact us at shop@hobbyfish.net or call Hobby Fish on 01908 543210 to speak to a specialist advisor if you need help with any spares.